Magazine wharf disaster


December 8, 2015 By Regina Pratt

At least four persons – three men and a middle age women – are reported to have died, with several others in critical condition, after a boulder rolled from a hilltop and crashed into makeshift dwelling houses on Sunday, 6 December at about 4pm at Watch Street, Magazine Cut.

Although names of victims were not known as at press time, eye witnesses disclosed that they include a student of Fourah Bay College who had gone to visit a friend.

Famata Kamara said there were no signs that the boulder would collapse, although it had been perilously dangling over scores of makeshift houses for years. She added the disaster took residents by surprise as the giant stone rolled on a path of destruction sending a sound similar to an exploded bomb.

The presence of military and police personnel prevented onlookers from the scene, as they maintained the area was not safe as other houses in the vicinity could collapse.