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Macron meets with Putin, leading Europe’s diplomatic efforts to defuse Ukraine crisis

As the United States moves forces to Eastern Europe to support its NATO allies and Russia deploys more troops onto Ukraine’s border, Macron visited his counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, in Moscow on Monday to demand a de-escalation to the crisis, before traveling to Kyiv.

The two men appeared at a press conference after spending more than five hours locked in head-to-head talks.

Macron said that he and Putin were able to find “points of convergence” over the crisis and that it was “up to us to agree, jointly, concrete and specific measures to stabilize the situation and to de-escalate tensions.”

“There is still time to preserve peace,” Macron said.

Putin, who had sharply critical words for NATO and Ukraine, suggested “further steps” were possible on the diplomatic front.

“A number of his proposals and ideas, about which it is too early to speak, I consider quite possible in order to…

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