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MACCEM Cement Company Accused of Failing to Meet Commitment

November 11, 2021

By Alfred Koroma

Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh representing Constituency 132 has accused MACEEM Company of failing to meet its commitment made during the ratification of its agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone, to produce 200,000 tons of cement per day and 25kg bag of cement for the market.

MACEEM is a cement producing company that entered into agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone over six months ago to begin operations in the country.

According to Hon. Tawa , the company had promised to be producing 200,000 tons of cement every day after six months of the ratification of the then agreement. 

In the same agreement, Hon. Tawa recalled that the company also promised to produce 25kg bag cement so that those who could not afford to purchase the 50kg in the market could have a choice to go in for the 25kg. But he alleged that apart from not fulfilling its promise, the 50kg bag of cement produced by MACEEM does not reach the full 50kg. ‘’We are being cheated by such agreement,’’ he added.

Hon. Tawa made the accusation while debating in the Well of Parliament for the ratification of another agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the General Beverages Company Limited.

Hon. Tawa did not only talked about MACEEM, he also accused Jolaks Manufacturing Company and PC&Sons of failing to meet commitments to the people of Sierra Leone.

 He said that Jolaks and PC $ Sons are among the companies that benefited from the Le500 billion  government provided to support businesses that are involve in importation to reduce price pressure on the ordinary man.

And Jolaks had also promised in an agreement to invest additional $30 million. But despite the concession given and the promised made by Jolaks, the oil producing company, Hon. Tawa said the price of oil keep going up.

He also noted that Jolaks and PC & Sons are not among the largest rice importers in Sierra Leone despite the concession and the money those companies received from the government. As a result of the issues surrounding the previous agreements and the price escalation of essential commodities, Hon. Tawa moved a motion again for Parliament to Summon the Minister of Trade and Industry.

In a brief attempt to respond to MPs’ concerns on the high prices of goods in the country, Dr. Hinga Sandy, the Minister of Trade and Industry blamed the situation on the country’s over reliance on importation of goods and services and disruption in the global logistics which has accelerated the escalation of prices in Sierra Leone and even in countries producing the said goods and services.

The recent two appearance of the Trade Minister before the House of Parliament have been marred by furious concerns raised by MPs over the consistent increase in the prices of food and other essential goods in the country. The Minister has been under immense pressure to appear before the house and offer explanation on the said situation in the country. The motion moved on Tuesday by Hon. Ibrahim Tawa Conteh is the second motion moved by the House of Parliament to summon the Minister.

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