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Maada Kpulun, APC Strongmen to Declare for NGC

November 2, 2017


The co-national coordinator of the KKY Movement, Joseph Maada Kpulun  will  be  declaring  for the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party  in his home district of Bo.  He will be declaring for the party together with former strongmen of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party.

Addressing youth of Njai Town in the country’s second city,  Kpulun said even though he is of the Mende tribe, he cannot continue to support a political party that is being tribal. Tribalism, he said, is one of the key features that have led Sierra Leone to its current underdeveloped status.

He said in past elections of the country, citizens cast their votes on tribal and regional lines, and as a result, he said the political parties that have led the governance of the country were not voted for on the basis of their manifestos. “Therefore when they got to State House and Parliament they apportion opportunities according to the languages the people they believe had voted for them speak or by the names their voters carry.

“Dr. Kandeh Yumkella,  a son of a Paramount Chief in Kambia, did not think tribe when he chose Bo district for the biggest UNIDO growth centre.  Today an electricity dam is being constructed in Moyamba with his support because he believes that is what the People there deserve.  That is how a country develops,” he said.

He believes that KKY being a professor of development will bring progressive change to Sierra Leone.

 “We must say no to tribalism now and support the former UNIDO Boss with all the connections in the world,” he said.

He described the National Grand Coalition as a party for the millennium generation.

He said as a young person he will be leading other young people in the south-eastern region to declare for NGC.

 “2018 is the year for we the youth of this country to change our lives with Kandeh Yumkella and the National Grand Coalition,” he said, revealing that he will be declaring for the NGC not only with Young people from the APC but also those from other political parties, like the United Democratic Movement’s former chairman in the Southern Region.

A former APC candidate for Member of Parliament in constituency 67 in Bo District,  James Charles Gombay said he was a proud and committed member of the ruling party, but now they  will be  declaring for the NGC  together with  other members.

He said they believe that Dr. Yumkella is more capable to develop this country than any other candidate for the 2018 presidential elections.

He said the country is said to be the worst place for young people to live on earth because people were putting their party allegiance above the good of the country.

He said 2018 election is a time for the youth of Sierra Leone to change for the country’s development. He said for that to happen they should first declare for the NGC.

The chairman of carwash youth in Bo City, Mohamed Dukuray aka Madash said he believes that Dr. Kandeh Yumkella  has a positive  vision for Sierra Leone.

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