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Lunsar Indigenes applaud Dawnus Construction Company

 November 18, 2016

Indigenes of Lunsar in the Port Loko district, northern Sierra Leone, have applauded the efforts of Dawnus Construction Company for adhering to its corporate social responsibilities and improving their standard of living.

The company’s machinery site is situated at Romende village, along the Lunsar-Makeni highway, and has been giving out contracts to local contractors in an effort to promote the local content policy.

The company has also constructed schools, health centres and has been giving out scholarships to deserving students within its area of operations.

Patrick Koroma, Headman of New London in the Lunsar Township and the Director of Future Metal Works, said his workshop has never benefitted from any client than Dawnus Construction Company. He added that more than 40 trainees in the workshop were supported by the company so as to enable them be self-reliant.

“Many school going children whose parents could not afford to pay their fees are unworriedly going to school because Dawnus has been doing it for them. This company did not leave us even in the midst of the deadliest Ebola epidemic. They are now the people’s solace with the closure of the mining companies that used to operate in Lunsar,” he said.

Patrick Koroma prides himself of having the most equipped private owned workshop in Lunsar Township that does four different trade skills, which include woodworks, auto mechanic, building and construction and general metal works.

At Feredugu village, a businesswoman, Salamatu Sesay, said Dawnus Construction Company has been supporting the communities in diverse ways, ranging from the construction of schools to  training of their youth in skills that will make them  be self-reliant.

“If Dawnus must have been in our communities long ago, most of us that did not go to school, would have been educated because the company is paying school fees for our children irrespective of their tribe, sex, religion or mental ability,” Salamatu said.

At Romende village, where Dawnus machinery are located, Kadiatu Turay, a woman in her sixties said Dawnus has created job opportunities for the community’s youth by training them how to operate heavy duty machines, and have even employed a whole lot of them. She noted that during the Ebola outbreak the company was still with them.

However, one of the senior directors of the company, Jim said they were very mindful of the communities they operate, which was why they normally discharge their corporate social responsibilities in the areas that they should improve on.

He added that the people needed both formal and non-formal education, health facilities, good drinking water facility, which he said have been their areas of intervention.

He said the company wanted to maintain its good relationship with the people at all times and also contribute meaningfully in the improvement of their skills and welfare.


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