Lungi Murder…


Accused denies signing statement 

November 30, 2015 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara & Hawa Amara

In her final testimony before Justices Alusine Sesay at the Freetown High Court, Fatmata Moijueh Tucker, the alleged murderer of Saidu Bangura at Lungi, denied signing any statement she had made to the Police.

Ms. Tucker, who is tried for the gruesome murder of the deceased, whom she was reportedly dating, testified that after the incident that led to the death of Sesay, who was on his way to Somalia, she cried out for help, and that some Police Officers came to the guest house and took her to a nearby hospital because her left hand and stomach were bleeding.

She said she was treated at the hospital, but did not complete when a group of Police Officers arrived and insisted that she go with them to the Police Station to give a statement.

“I was feeling sick and dizzy when making the statement, so I was just talking and I did not know  whether I signed the statement or not,” she claimed.

The accused explained that after she finished making the statement, she was brought to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department in Freetown, where some of the officers referred to her as a ‘murderer’ while one Sergeant Kabba merely copied what was in the file sent from the Lungi Police Station.

The accused said on the night of the incident she had ran away from the guest house, but only to seek help, adding that she had no intension to kill the deceased.

The accused further testified that no photograph was taken when she returned to the crime scene with Police detectives, and that photo of the corpse was only taken during the post mortem examination.

The matter was adjourned to 1 December for State Counsel A.G.M Bockarie to cross-examine the accused.

The accused was arraigned on one count of murder contrary to the law Sierra Leone.

The prosecution alleges that she had murdered the deceased on Sunday, 6 April, 2014 at the Suffizan Guest House in Lungi, in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone.