LRMG Supports community health, hands over three rehabilitated wards to Nixon Memorial Hospital


In a momentous event celebrated by the local community, Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) handed over three refurbished wards to Nixon Memorial Hospital in the Segbwema community of Kailahun District on Friday, June 9th 2023.

The joyous occasion was attended by prominent figures, healthcare professionals, LRMG representatives, and enthusiastic residents eager to witness the transformation of their healthcare facility.

The collaborative project, which included the rehabilitation of the Maternity Ward, Labour Ward, and Children’s Ward, was initiated by Leone Rock Metal Group. Its aim was to upgrade the hospital’s infrastructure and contribute to the provision of better healthcare services to women and children in the community. Through this effort, the company sought to fulfil its responsibility as a corporate entity and positively impact the lives of the local population.

Alhaji Mohamed Turay, Community and Security Manager of LRMG, explained the purpose and intent of the event. He thanked Nixon Memorial Hospital for their support and trust in the company’s endeavors. He expressed his pride in the successful completion of the rehabilitation project and emphasized the company’s long-standing commitment to supporting local communities. He conveyed his confidence that the upgraded wards would positively impact the health and well-being of the Segbwema community for years to come.

Speaking on behalf of the Segbwema community, Honorable Member of Parliament Bernadette Wuyatta Songa expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the company’s involvement in improving healthcare services. She emphasized the positive impact this collaboration would have on the lives of community members especially women and girls, ensuring access to quality healthcare closer to home.

During the ceremony, Minister of Health, NJADO Representatives, Deputy Minister of Education, Nixon Hospital Administrator, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Mines, and Healthcare Authorities expressed their gratitude to LRMG for their commitments and to the community for their patience and support throughout the renovation process. They highlighted, ‘’This exemplary partnership underscores the importance of corporate social responsibility and sets a positive precedent for sustainable community development’’.

With the completion of this rehabilitation project, initiated by LRMG, Nixon Memorial Hospital solidifies its position as a vital healthcare provider in the region. It reflects LRMG’s dedication to fostering community well-being and enhancing healthcare access in the region.

The handing over ceremony concluded with a tour of the renovated wards, allowing community members, government officials, and attendees to witness the tangible improvements made possible through the collaboration between Leone Rock Metal Group and Nixon Memorial Hospital.


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