LRMG revolutionises operations, introduces ten new locomotives


Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) has made waves in the industry with its latest strategic move to enhance operational efficiency. The company unveiled ten locomotives today at the Queen Elizabeth II Water Quay, marking a notable milestone in its growth trajectory and Sierra Leone’s.

The prestigious event saw key figures such as Mr. Salim Sillah, the Chief Technical Officer of LRMG, Mr. Rex Bhonafa, Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation, and Mr. Charlie Cheng, the General Manager, coming together to commemorate the introduction of the new locomotives. This strategic movecements LRMG’s reputation as a forward-thinking and progressive player in the industry.

The addition of these locomotives signifies LRMG’s  commitment to operational excellence and expansion. Mr. Sillah, in emphasizing the significance of this investment, highlighted how these locomotives will enhance logistical processes, thereby boosting the company’s capacity to transport materials across diverse terrains. Furthermore, this expansion is expected to create employment opportunities, adding the company’s already 6,000 plus employees and complementing government’s vision of creating 500,000 jobs for young people in the country thereby contributing to the local economy.

Mr. Charlie Cheng reiterated the transformative impact of this acquisition, stating that it will not only streamline operations but also enhance LRMG’s competitiveness in the market and putting Sierra Leone on the map. By leveraging innovation and sustainability, LRMG reaffirms its position as an industry leader in the mining sector.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation, Rex Bhonafa commended LRMG for its initiative in introducing these locomotives to Sierra Leone, recognizing the positive effects on the transport industry and operational efficiency. The event garnered praise from stakeholders and local officials, highlighting LRMG’s proactive stance towards infrastructure development.


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