LRMG empowers SL with Job opportunities


Addressing the unemployment challenges faced by the Sierra Leonean population, the government has made a wise decision by choosing to partner with Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG). The partnership is set to bring about a significant increase in job opportunities, benefiting the country as a whole.

With an impressive track record, LRMG has already created a staggering 5,200 jobs for Sierra Leoneans. Furthermore, an additional 1,000 jobs are in the pipeline for Port Alone, showcasing the company’s commitment to the growth and prosperity of the nation. This strategic move is poised to have a direct and positive impact on the local workforce.

In contrast, the government had an alternative option on the table – a proposal from Arise IIP, which promised 5,000 jobs over the course of a 25-year lease. However, the government astutely recognized that LRMG’s proposal offered a superior advantage in terms of job creation and immediate impact.

By prioritizing the needs of its citizens, the government has made a sound judgment that will undoubtedly benefit the entire nation. The decision to choose LRMG over Arise IIP not only secures more job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans but also safeguards the country’s long-term economic interests.

The partnership with LRMG guarantees a progressive and sustainable future for Sierra Leone. The company’s commitment to job creation, coupled with its proven track record, instills confidence in the government’s decision. Sierra Leoneans can now look forward to a brighter future, with increased employment opportunities and economic growth.

LRMG’s dedication to empowering the local workforce aligns perfectly with the government’s vision of fostering economic development. Their investment in Sierra Leone will undoubtedly contribute to a thriving labor market, providing stability and hope for countless individuals and families.

As the news of this partnership spreads, it is likely to generate enthusiasm among local communities, instilling a renewed sense of optimism and pride. Sierra Leoneans can now rest assured that their government is actively working towards their well-being and striving to create a prosperous future for all.

In conclusion, the government’s choice to partner with Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) stands as a testament to their commitment to putting the country’s interests first. By prioritizing job creation and economic growth, this decision will undoubtedly benefit Sierra Leoneans.


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