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Looming Danger!

Rogbere Bridge becomes death trap

September 30, 2016 Patrick J.Kamara

The dilapidated Gbere Bridge
The dilapidated Gbere Bridge

Rogbere Bridge, which links the entire north and the city of Freetown is currently in bad shape and could collapse at anytime if prompt action is not taken by the Government to refurbish or construct another.

Villagers at Rogbere village have complained about the dilapidated Gbere Bridge, which they say has become a death trap for them and commercial vehicles that ply the main highway linking the north with the city of Freetown.

The said bridge is said to have been constructed during the colonial era, but it has considerably been in bad shape and would collapse soon if action is not taken to refurbish it.

“The bridge has been cracked, hanging and waiting to fall soon. We are asking government to come and rehabilitate it or construct another because this one has been partly broken. If it continues to be in this shape, it may cause serious disaster,” they expressed.

One of the villagers who preferred anonymity told Concord Times over the weekend that they had informed the authorities about the looming danger posed by the bridge but that no action has been taken.

Aruna Kamara, a trader at Rogbere said: “All the papers that had carried stories about this bridge have not been reporting the reality. All they have been saying was that government was about to construct a new bridge. That was a big lie and misrepresentation of what was really going on here.

He explained that sometimes in July 2016, they saw some Chinese contractors at the village digging certain areas close to the bridge.

“I guess they had planned to construct the road and not the bridge. Recently, a boy fell into that bridge and drown despite his elder sister tried to save him,” he disclosed.

“The authorities are not doing enough to fix the bridge and they should go the extra mile to get the bridge done to save lives,” said Marie Samura, resident of Rogbere.

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