Limkokiwing students set to resume classes


November 16, 2021

BY Ishmeal Nyakeh Brima (intern)

Students of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology are set to return to classes after the Government of Sierra Leone has finally agreed to put back 1000 Sierra Leonean students of the said university on scholarship.

Payments of tuition fees for the affected students of the said university were ceased one year after the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) assumed governance. The SLPP Government declined an agreement entered into by the former All People Congress Party (APC) which they said would incur more financial loss on government.

“This action from government left many of the students with no option, but to seek better opportunities in neighbouring countries, some even taking chance on illegal migration,”4th year student of the university, Sahr Yambasu stated.

Yambusu said many of his friends and junior colleagues who were paying fees on their own instead of government scholarship are now far ahead of him in their studies. “Many are now academic graduates and some gainfully employed, but we will surely rise again,” Yambusu said.

He also said the action of the government to send the students of Limkokwing back to classes will now refute many public opinions that had alleged that the Limkokwing University is a sympathizer of the APC party.       

The entire Limkokwing saga was pegged on a Memorandum of Agreement which was signed between the former Minister of Education, now deceased, Dr.Minkailu Bah, and the President of Limkokwing University on the 19th December, 2013, which the SLPP government said was fraudulently done.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in their findings had also stated that  the agreement provided in the said memorandum, among other things, that the GoSL would provide campus space for the University and scholarships for 1,200 students per annum, the campus space was never provided by the then Government.

In a brief interview, the Head of Registry at the Limkokwing University, Samuel Kpaka said the management of the university was very pleased with the decision of the government, and that students have already began registration.

Kpaka added that students will likely commence lectures on  15November, 2021. “There are plans on the way to get all the lecturers on-board for the commencement of lectures on the said date,” Kpaka stated.