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Liberian artist urges colleagues to put premium on education  

July 14, 2017 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

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One of the upcoming artists in Liberia has urged musicians in Sierra Leone, especially the younger ones to put premium on education if they are serious about progressing in the music industry.

Korte Dorbor Bazzie popularly  known as ‘Kobazzie The Lorma Boy’, who was in the country on a private visit, told Concord Times that education should be paramount because without which, musicians can’t go anywhere.

“You may have the best talent but people will use and dump you because you are not educated. With education, just believe in your ability and talent then you can make it. I am saying this because we are now leaving in the 21st century,” he said.

According to him, before he ventured into the field of music two years ago, he first went to school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Management from a private university.

He maintained that education was important because it is the only way they would be able to play a major role in the development of the country.

“We have lots to work on in Sierra Leone and Liberia. We only have few musicians in Liberia that are graduated. I am an accountant and I can have a job outside music. It is never too late to go to school,” he added.

He praised songs produced by musicians in Sierra Leone, especially songs done by the LXG Group because he loved their style of singing and the messages in their songs.

He said musicians in Sierra Leone were just the same as those in Liberia, struggling gradually to make progress, but expressed hope that it would get better if they decided to feature other artists in Africa, especially Nigeria and Liberia in their songs and videos.

“I have my favourite artist in Sierra Leone. I like LXG and I listened to their songs because I like their style. I believe artists in Sierra Leone are doing well but they should put education first,” he stated.

With regards his journey in the music industry, ‘Kobazzie The Lorma Boy’ said he was still working on his first album but  hope of completing soonest after doing couple of videos in London.

He added that he has been dropping singles which is being played everywhere in Liberia and that the people love his songs.

“I sing Afro –Pop. I am singing dancing songs. For me, I am not saying I am a big artist, but my songs are number one in Liberia. I am almost done with my album. I am traveling to London to do a couple of videos.

The Liberian artist said he has passion for music and expressed delight that his songs, especially the new song titled: “Shut-Up” are touching the lives of people in a positive way.

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