Leone Stars players condemn ‘assault’ on Kallon


By Sahr Morris Jnr.

Several professional footballers of the Sierra Leone senior national team, Leone Stars, have expressed their displeasure over the alleged slapping of the country’s football legend, Mohamed Kallon, by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) president, Mrs. Isha Johansen.

Both past and present national team players have taken to the social media, Facebook, to voice their dismay over the incident, with some directly responding to online interviews conducted by Concord Sports.

One Leone Stars player who expressed his dismay over the incident is Turkey-based Sanlıurfaraspor midfielder, Alfred ‘Zagalo’ Sankoh, who posted on his Facebook wall: “I can’t just imagine our boss of Sierra Leone football has been treated like this; what can be done to us his boys in future?”

He also responded to a post made by one Egerton Johnsonwho requested him to first understand the full story before making his contribution. “Egerton or whatever your name is, if someone abuses you, why can’t you abuse him back unless you go and slap him?”

The former Old Edwardians midfielder also went on to scold his colleague footballers for failing to condemn the act other than just liking his comment. “Some of you are just ‘pressing likes’ on my status but scared to say something,” Sankoh posted.

Another player who also commented on his Facebook page is former Mighty Blackpool and FC Kallon midfielder, Khalifa Jabbie. The player, who recently moved to Turkey from Norway, wrote: “A Legend will always be a Legend! Like it or not! Today it’s‪ ‎Mohamed Kallon, tomorrow it might be you. ‎Sierra Leone, what direction are we heading to?”

However, Middlesbrough striker, Kei Kamara, had a mild view on the issue as he stated: “Sierra Leone doesn’t forget that’s Mohamed Kallon.” The striker further told Concord Sports in an interview: “Sorry not much I can say. I don’t know the full story and don’t like ‘den say’. So I will just say MK is not only my idol but also my big brother. And will really love everything solved in peace.”

Past Leone Stars players have also expressed their views on the issue and one of them is former right-back, Warren Kanu who said: “I feel sorry for those that will give their time again to that God-forsaken country. If Kallon is being treatment like this then the boys will receive more than that from a country that does not protect the right of her people?”