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Lebanese businessman granted bail

January 13, 2021

By Jeneba A.Conteh

Kamal Namatallah Mansour, accused of allegedly converting 142 pieces of diamond weighing 79 carats, to his own use and benefit, has been admitted to bail in the sum of Le 2 billion and two sureties in like sum.

The accused, on Tuesday January 12, 2021 made his sixth appearance before the presiding Magistrate of Court No.1 Marke Ngegba at Pademba Road in Freetown.

The accused is answering to two count charges of fraudulent conversion contrary to Section 20 (1)(iv)(a) of the Larceny Act 1916.

According to the particulars of offence, the accused, on a date between Wednesday, 10th July, 2002 and Saturday, 19 October, 2002, at 28 Hangha Road in Kenema, fraudulently converted to his own use and benefit, 142 pieces of diamonds valued $425,000 entrusted to him for safe keeping by Foday Fembeh.

According to the witness, Mohamed Sillah, he was working as a leader for Pa Foday Fembeh at his mining site and that he would always hand over to the complainant any piece of diamond they found.

He told the court that one day he informed the complainant’s about the accused’s intent to buy diamond and that the complainant called on his deceased wife, Regina Fembeh and gave him 71 pieces of diamond to accompany the witness to the accused’s residence.

Sillah said Pa Fembeh told them to sell the diamond at Le 80 million.

He said when they went to Kenema,he requested for the diamond from the complainant’s wife and handed them over to Kamal, who  told them that he would not pay for the diamonds at that cost.

He said he took the diamond from the accused and returned them to Pa Fembeh.

He said the complainant added one more diamond to the 71 and asked them to take it back to the accused for safe keeping.

Sillah said the complainant instructed them that the accused should make a receipt after he shall have received the diamond.

The witness further told the court that they did as instructed and that they also discovered another 70 pieces which were again taken to the accused.

Sillah explained further that after they had given the accused 142 pieces of diamond they went for negotiation together with the complainant, adding that the accused told them that he had disposed of the diamonds.

He stated that the accused promised to give them $260,000 in four days’ time. He said they went to Kamal’s office but were told that he had travelled to Lebanon.

Sillah concluded that they went to CID in Kenema branch and reported the matter.

The matter was prosecuted by State Counsel   I Yusfu. I.Sesay.

It was adjourned to January 20, 2021.

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