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Le 70 million fine meter theft

September 18, 2020

By Mohamed M. Sesay

EDSA’s Director of Commercial Services, Donald Kopoi.

Management of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has in a press briefing, informed journalists that EDSA is very much disturbed about the alarming rate of meter theft across the country, stating that management would start implementing the Electricity Act by imposing a fine not exceeding seventy million Leones or a jail term not exceeding five years imprisonment for anyone caught stealing EDSA meters.

Addressing journalists at the EDSA’s Head office on Wednesday, the Director of Commercial Services, Donald Kopoi affirmed that a total of one hundred and six stolen meters have been officially reported to the management of EDSA.

He noted that the alarming cases of stolen meters have not only affected the operations of EDSA, but also has compounding consequences on the general public.

He further stated that the stealing of meters by some unscrupulous individuals has been counter-productive to EDSA, adding that the institution loses millions of Leones through meter theft and illegal electricity activities.

He noted that EDSA is a public company backed by an Act of Parliament with stipulated laws and penalties for illegal electricity operations, affirming that EDSA is now very determined to implement the electricity Act to the highest magnitude.

He continued that EDSA is committed to protecting its valued customers particularly in the areas of stolen meters and illegal transfers of meters.

 He encouraged all customers to promptly report any case of stolen meter, using 672 EDSA’s call centre or on 077672672 via WhatsApp.

Director Kopi further encouraged customers to keep records of their meters because those records would be used to trace and block all stolen meters.

‘’All the meters we have out there are property of EDSA and we have control over them. We can block them whenever we think you are doing illegal thin or we receive report that the meter has been stolen, ’he said.

Oh his part, the Head of Media Sahr Nepor reiterated that the nefarious habit of stealing EDSA s meters from the premises of its customers is unacceptable.

He added that the Management of EDSA has discussed the criminal activities of stolen meters and that EDSA has made strong commitment in line with the electricity Act, to clampdown on rogues stealing meters by either imposing fines or a jail terms for defaulters.

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