Le.319m larceny: man sent to jail


December 10, 2015 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

One Sallieu Mansaray was yesterday sent on remand by Magistrate Komba Kamanda, presiding at the Freetown Magistrates’ Court No.1, for allegedly stealing property worth three hundred and nineteen million five hundred thousand Leones (Le.319,500,000) from a shop at Goderich.

The accused was making his third appearance in court.

Crime Officer, Detective Police Constable 11640 John T. Conteh, attached to the Criminal Investigation Department at the Adonkia Police Station, while testifying said he recognised both the complainant and the accused person.

He said he recalled 9 October, 2015 whilst on duty, complainant Joseph Tommy Tucker made a report of conspiracy and shop breaking, adding that himself, the complainant, Sergeant 1068 Semion Alieu, and Sergeant 8310 Jolloh then went to the military police cell atSeventh Battalion in Goderich, were the accused had been temporarily detained.

 He told the court that they collected the alleged stolen items and took the accused to the scene of crime, where it was observed that the shop was vandalised, with items scattered on the floor.

Officers at the Adonkia Police Station had charged the accused with larceny after a shop was robbed overnight on Friday, 9 October, 2015 along Main Peninsular Road, Goderich.

 The police detectives say the accused had broken and entered into the shop of Joseph Tommy Taylor with intent to steal, and stole assorted items to the value of three hundred and nineteen million five hundred thousand Leones.

Private legal practitioner, A.M Kamara, who is associating with the prosecution, led by Woman Police Sergeant 8715 Kamara I.S. Kamara, submitted that the offences for which the accused is standing trial are serious and that if he is granted bail would be detrimental to the case. His application was upheld by the trial magistrate.

The accused though has no legal representation.

The matter will come up again on 16 December, 2015.