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Lawyer writes Bar Association…

Demands return of gift to ‘litigious’ Pastor Chambers

By Alusine Sesay

Prominent Freetown Lawyer, J.B. Jenkins-Johnston Esq., has in a letter written to the President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association raised grave concerns as to the raison d’être for accepting a gift of land from Pastor David Chambers.

Mr. Jenkins-Johnston, erstwhile president of the Bar Association, opined that the acceptance of the said gift by the current executive of the Bar Association “has the potential of bringing the Bar Association into serious disrepute.”

He expressed shock and consternation that the said piece of land was donated to the Sierra Leone Bar Association by the controversial clergy man, whom he described as ‘highly litigious’, with multiple land cases in both the High Court and Court of Appeal of Sierra Leone, and unbeknown to members of the Association.

The land is question is situated off Upper Leicester Road in Freetown, and its acceptance by the Elvis Kargbo-led executive is bound to leave members of the public with an unflattering impression about the Bar Association because the grantor is a “person who is so deeply enmeshed in litigation over land,” according the senior partner at Ayotunde Chambers.

“I venture to submit that it will be viewed with great disfavor by members of the public, and will further create the impression that the Bar Association has been ‘bought over’, in order to assist Pastor David Chambers in his cases before the court, and that will be most disastrous and disgraceful for us as the body which is supposed to be upright and act with integrity and transparency at all times,” the fearless barrister and social commentator said.

He concluded by submitting that “the so-called gift be returned to Pastor Chambers and the deed of conveyance be revoked and expunged from the Books of Conveyances forthwith.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Kargbo, who is seeking reelection as president of the Bar this weekend, is yet to respond to the Jenkins-Johnston letter.

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