Lawyer Kamanda thanks President Bio for appointing Mohamed Bangura Youth Minister


May 4, 2018 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Lawyer Alfred Kamanda has in an open letter to President Julius Maada Bio written to appreciate the latter for choosing Mohamed Bangura Minister of Youth, pending parliamentary approval.

“Let me take this golden opportunity to congratulate you Mr. President for your fierce, ferocious and brave fight in winning the hotly contested 2018 presidential elections. It was a rough and tough journey, but you triumphed,” says the young legal practitioner.

According to Lawyer Kamanda, Mohamed Bangura’s (Orman Orway The only Way) appointment as Minister of Youth Affairs didn’t come as any surprise because of the latter’s sacrifices in helping President Bio and the SLPP win the 2018 Elections.

“It’s no surprise as he has track record of delivering whenever he is given the opportunity to serve his people. As a man from Northern Magburaka, he broke the popular mode and image and all those stereotypes, by being an active, unapologetic and diehard member of the SLPP. He contested for the position of the Young Generation Leader of the SLPP but lost woefully to the incumbent”.

The young legal practitioner says that after taking a deep look at the president’s cabinet he fully appreciates the true meaning of the words ‘I have a credible team’, spoken by Bio during the presidential debate, adding that if competence, excellence and merit are what we need in leaders, the new men and women in the new cabinet have it.

“I must bring to your notice His Excellency, that the appointment of Mohamed Bangura is a blessing to your administration. He is a value asset to your team of credible leaders. Like my very self, Mohamed Bangura has been to hell and back. He has seen with anguish and pleasure what it means to be poor and what it means to be comfortable. He has knowledge, experience and expertise on what are needed to address the challenges of youths in the informal sector and those in the formal sector.”

He continues that with Mohamed Bangura as Youth Minister, the latter will endeavour to develop a strong middle class by introducing skills training across the country that will capture men and women who roam the streets doing nothing productive into productive citizens that will inject funds into the national coffers.

“The National Youth Farm, National Youth Resource Centres across the country and many more developmental projects that will aid your government and help transform the lives of youths will either be introduced or strengthened.”

Lawyer Kamanda added that, Mohamed Bangura is one of the few Sierra Leoneans that he has met that believes in competence, results, merits and excellence.

“Thanks once more Mr. President for using your constitutional powers to appoint a brother of mine as Minister of Youth Affairs. He brings to your administration a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise, the required energy youthfulness, strong managerial skills and a season team player. We hope and pray he delivers in the best interest of the people. So help us God”.