Lawmakers appeal for better social facilities


March 29, 2019

By Jariatu S. Bangura

Lawmakers of the Sierra Leone Parliament have yesterday called on presidential nominees that would serve at the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) and Electricity Distribution Authority (EDSA), to make the difference as the public was expecting a lot from those institutions.

During the debate on the approval of the nominees, Hon. Daniel B. Koroma of the All People’s Congress (APC) called on nominees assigned to SLRA to focus on the Lumley-Tokey and Old Skul roads, which, he said have long been neglected.

He also pointed at  the Makakura-Yiffin road in the Koinadugu district-a  less than 10 kilo meter road, which he said  has also been neglected and called on them to give it the utmost attention.

On his part,Hon. Sahr Charles of the Coalition for Change (C4C) said nominees were qualified for the task ahead-to carrying out development across the country.

“The people have suffered a lot, hence no excuse is needed. You owe the people and they need a thorough result. EDSA is an authority that has a problem especially with those living in the provinces. I hope you will affect better services in the supply of meters in the province,” he said.

Hon. Charles disclosed that payment has been made for prepaid meters, with almost 500 application forms submitted for the supply of meters in Kono district, but expressed that nothing tangible has been done in that direction.

He said if the needs of customers are not met, then the work for which the institution was established, would not be seen done.

Hon. Abdul Titus Kamara of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) said the nominees were qualified for the task ahead, but expressed hope that they will do as expected.

He said when nominees are taken to the House for approval, MPs praise-sing them, but no sooner they take up duty than they ignore MPs even on national issue.

“They usually fail to realize that they take up offices because Parliament approve them,” he said

He urged nominees to do their work diligently.

Hon. Brima Mansaray of the Sierra Leone People Party said procurement in the country has been faulty all this while; hence the NPPA was established in order to address the situation.

He said 80% of MPs were from the rural areas and that they were suffering a lot in terms of proper road network.

“The diversification of agriculture will not succeed if the roads are not connected. We have seen a lot of pregnant women losing their lives on their way to hospitals to deliver. Education is lacking due to the fact that teachers are not going to the provinces because of the long distance. They are now left with the option of staying in bigger towns because of the poor road network in rural communities,” he said.

Acting Leader of the main opposition, Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, said without good roads, development in any country will be hindered; hence more was needed to be done in that direction.

He appealed that more emphasis should be placed on the rural areas as they have been neglected.

He said the introduction of the NPPA was to prove accountability and transparency within the governance sector, hence it must be treated seriously.

He said electricity should not only be limited to just the provincial headquarters, but should rather be extended to the remote areas.