LAWCEN organisation celebrates 5th anniversary 


March 27, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura 

CEO and Founder of LAWSEN, Musa Pious H. Sesay Esq

The Centre for Research, Documentation Policy Studies and Development of Law (LAWSEN-SL) Limited, has on Saturday celebrated its 5th anniversary.

Speaking during the celebration, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LAWCEN, Musa Pious H. Sesay Esq. said the organisation was founded in 2014 with the motive of providing private organizations in the areas of research, documentation, policy studies and the development of law.

He noted that the main objective of the organisation was to provide research in the areas of domestic policy, foreign and defence policy, governance, national borders, economic development and to collaborate, identify, and market the intended effect of policies provided by organizations.

CEO of LAWCEN said they believed that research forms one of the main gateways to record keeping and management, and that formulating appropriate policies, development of law and the combination of which provides the nation with the needed comprehensive development strategy for sustainable development.

“We have a research unit which has a significant contribution to make to national development and it plays a crucial role in the creation and dissemination of knowledge and also to the nation’s sustainable development. A nation can only be successful in achieving its national goals when the relationship between research and innovation is fully developed,” he said.

He stated that high quality research would underpin knowledge creation and technology transfer that is linked to the achievement of Sierra Leone’s national goals.

Founder of LAWCEN said his organisation is important because it demands the pace of developing the country and has to constantly review its laws, some of which need to be amended while others should be repealed.

“LAWCEN through its workshop and presentations of papers has set out to sensitize government on laws that need amendment or repeal or new laws established.  The Law is needed to create the formal structure for macroeconomic control. Legislation can translate policy goals into action by channelling economic behaviour in accordance with national plans,” he noted

He observed that the law is needed to create the framework for operation of an efficient governmental bureaucracy and the governance of public sector corporations.

 “Our purpose is to strengthen the socio-political and the economic fabrics of Sierra Leone by continually conducting research, keep data, evaluate data keeping techniques and ensure good documentation methods/records, study national policies and develop the law”.