Lands Minister reclaims over 4, 800 acres of land


March 27, 2019

By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Minster of Lands, Housing and Environment, Dr. Dennis Sandy

Minster of Lands, Housing and Environment, yesterday disclosed that his ministry has been able to reclaim about 4, 800 acres of state land across Freetown.

According to Dr. Dennis Sandy, the aforementioned acreages of land were recovered at Gloucester Saddle, Sussex, Number 2 River, Grafton, Orugu, Rogbangba and Tokeh communities, among others.

He was speaking at a presser hosted in the conference room of his ministry to update newsmen on progress made in the reclaiming, as well as processes and procedures governing the management and acquisition of lands.

“We have really tried in this ministry.  We are not reclaiming state lands for the benefit of us here but for Sierra Leoneans in dire need of it. As far as I am convinced that this land is a state land, we will reclaim it. When we go out, we make sure we have all the conveyances and evidences. We have not entered into anybody’s property or house,” he said.

He stated that from the acreages of land reclaimed in the city, 2,800acres were reclaimed at Gloucester Saddle community, and noted that they have also received series of conveyances signed, but were not registered.

Dr. Sandy said the volume of applications for state land was on the increase, and according to him, had it not been for the decision they took to suspend applications, it would have been overwhelming.

“To date, we have received about 1,000 applications which have been processed. The ministry was full of complaints and to curtail that, we have established a verification and complaints unit, where members of the public can report issues regarding land matters,” the land minister stated.

He added that they decided to refine the processes and procedures governing the management and acquisition of both state and private lands because they wanted to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Also, Deputy Lands Minister, Rex Bonapha claimed that half of the state lands were sold to the Lebanese by the past All People’s Congress (APC) regime.

“We have to move fast in reclaiming state land. We want equitable distribution of state land to all and we can only reclaim land through aggressive means,” he said.