Landowners in Sella Limba lauds APC scribe


…for his peace initiative

August 10, 2015 By Ibrahim Tarawallie  

Landowners and social groups in Sella-Limba Chiefdom, Bombali District have lauded National Secretary General of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) for his role in helping to unite them following a misunderstanding among landowners in the chiefdom.

A delegation from the Samura, Bangura, Dumbuya and Conteh families, led by Chairman of the Landowners, Pa Bunduka Conteh, Thursday, 6 August, paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh at his Railway Line office in Freetown to show their appreciation.

In his statement, Pa Conteh said they travelled from Kamakwie to Freetown to commend the APC scribe for convincing them to reconcile instead of being at each other’s throat.

According to him, the conflict over land was borne out of misinformation and incitement by some ‘ill-motivated investors’ and that the presence of some ‘illegal investors’ separated the landowners.

“Let me state that the move to unite all landowners was a laudable one as it has yielded a positive result. We are tired of hearing gunshot, infighting and individual attacks to disrupt our peace,” he said and noted that during the reconciliation meeting, dissatisfied landowners were provided the opportunity to put forward their concerns.

The chairman of landowners assured that they were ready to embrace AMR Gold Company, as the latter possesses all the necessary documents and is recognized by the government to perform mining exploration in the chiefdom.

While he claimed that misrepresentation played a big part in their conflict, as those who should seek their interest failed them, he urged the APC scribe to continue monitoring the peaceful co-existence in the chiefdom.

In his response, Ambassador Yansaneh thanked the landowners for the initiative, but noted that he had never meddled in domestic problems between them and mining companies.

“I will only support the truth and not allow anyone to undermine the development drive of our government. President Ernest Bai Koroma was not pleased with the unrest in Sella-Limba Chiefdom, especially when people were injured,” he said and disclosed that a committee has been set up to further address emerging problems among the landowners.

He warned though against unrest and violence and urged delegates to embrace peace for the betterment of the chiefdom.

Meanwhile, the landowners visited the National Minerals Agency (NMA) to commend management for their support.