LAMTECH Supports 2018 Elections


February 9, 2018

Cross Section of CSOs and the Media

LAM-TECH,a  Non- Governmental  organization (NGO) based  in sierra Leone  has sponsored Democracy and Development Associates Sierra Leone  ( DADA- SL) and National Federation and Media Organisation membership to work on key issues and  provide a technology platform to enhance the work of current election bodies, Civil Society Organizations, NGOs, the Private Sector, Volunteers, journalists, Researchers and Media houses, among other.

The organization also provides technology Use tool to enable data collection and data aggregation in the 7th march 2018

In an interview with the Executive Director of DADA Sierra Leone, who doubles as NaFCSMO, Foday Dada Sesay, he said partners will look at key elections issues- about political parties and civil societies’ involvement in political violence.

 He cautioned that any political party or politicians that get involved in violence will be prosecuted to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

He said the leadership has deliberated extensively with LAM-TECH’s   request to enter into formal partnership to effectively collaborate their efforts in mobilizing communities, monitoring and reporting on the forthcoming March 7th General Elections

He noted that their utmost desire and expectation is that both organizations- DADA-SL and NaFCSMO-SL, shall take the lead in the achievement of a set of objectives for the project titled: “Open Election Data Platform (OEDP)” to the people of Sierra Leone.

Foday Dada Sesay stressed that their partnership with LAM-TECH is part of their cooperate social responsibilities for effective support of  a credible, free, fear and transparent elections, to be monitored across the country.