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Lacuna in Free Quality Education…

Teachers abandon school in Kenema

August 25, 2020

By Mohamed M. Sesay

The abandoned RC secondary school in Nomo Chiefdom,Kenema District

Residents of Nomo Chiefdom in Kenema District, have over the weekend registered their frustration over  the lapses of the Free Quality Education programme in their chiefdom where teachers have abandoned the only secondary school due to none payment of monthly salaries, coupled with none approval of teachers.

They complained that the entire chiefdom has been side-lined in the implementation of the Free Quality Education since its inception.

Most of the residents who spoke to this medium expressed frustration that they are finding it very difficult to get their children attend schools in other chiefdoms because they cannot afford.

‘‘Imagine the burden on us parent to transfer our children to schools outside our chiefdom. It is very much challenging because some of us cannot afford to provide daily transportation let alone afford daily meal for our children,’’ they complained.  

Public Relations Officer of the Nomo Descendants Association (NDA),Musa Sheriff, told Concord Times  that the chiefdom has never benefited from President Bio’s Free Quality Education programme since its inception.

He added that all of the teachers  who were teaching  on volunteering basis, have all moved to other chiefdoms in search of schools where they could be pin coded, leaving the school in a state of shambles .

He continued that even the recent nationwide approval of teachers, Nomo Chiefdom remains the only chiefdom that was shunned from benefiting from that nationwide approval.

He said since the school was built under President Kabba’s Sababu Education Project, successive governments have been paying lip-service to the appalling educational system in the chiefdom.

He claimed that their current Member of Parliament, Hon. Alusine Kanneh, representing Constituency 013 has ‘wilfully’ refused to lobby government to address the perennial challenges the school is faced with.

‘‘All the teachers were volunteer teachers but because government, especially this New Direction government failed to approve them, they all have abandoned the school. The Free Quality Education which this government has been talking about has never been reflected in this part of the country. Let me establish the fact, Nomo Chiefdom is not benefiting from the Free Quality Education at all. Even the recent nationwide approval of schools and teachers, no teacher or school was approved in Nomo Chiefdom. I saw the approval list with my naked eyes,’’ he said.

On his part, Head Pastor in the chiefdom, Amos Gbapeh, said he has lived in the Chiefdom for nineteen good years and that the educational system in that area has been and still poor due to the negligence on the part of government in supporting vulnerable pupils to attain quality education.

‘‘Even the only secondary school in the entire chiefdom has been taken over  by forest after teachers abandoned  it because of the failure of government to pay them salaries,’’ he said and called on the President Bio led administration to come to the aid of  residents and support the educational system in  that part of the country.

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