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Labour Ministry holds workshop on reporting ILO ratified conventions

August 10, 2021

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

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The Minister of Labour in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO), yesterday held a workshop on International Labour Standards (ILS) with special focus on reporting ILO’s ratified conventions.

The workshop was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Aberdeen in Freetown through a joint effort by ILO and the Government of Sierra Leone.

Addressing participants, Minister of Labour, Alpha Osman Timbo, told the gathering that, the session was aimed at bringing stakeholders together to come up with a report geared towards fulfilling one of Sierra Leone’s obligations to the ILO, regarding reporting international labour standards

He said the workshop was timely and that ILO is an umbrella body that advances social justice and promotes decent work worldwide.

 He said since its inception in 1919, ILO has sought to set and maintain a system of ILS.

He said the standards incorporate tenets of human rights such as freedom of association and protection of the right to organize in labour administration.

He cited that one key responsibility of member states is the payment of affiliate fees to help the organization functions effectively in the discharge of its mandate.

 “I am pleased to announce that under the astute leadership of President Maada Bio and his administration, Sierra Leone has fulfilled its financial obligation to the ILO,” he said

 He noted that the government on the other hand has also benefitted and continues to benefit immensely from ILO in the area of capacity building of tripartite constituents.

He reiterated that the workshop was meant to enable participants gain knowledge about ILO and its ILS system, and to also enable them understand how to report the ILS system.

He said participants would be empowered on the use of ILO database and resource relevant to ILS reporting.

He said the workshop would prepare participants in the preparation of reports on the application of ILS.

ILO Senior Programme Officer, Chinjere Eneka Anuna, said over the years, ILO has seen its contribution to the world of work progressively associated with other issues.

He said the ILO is an eminently normative entity and has been so since its conception, thus, the ILO claims to respond to various concerns , including  social, economic, socio-economic, and ultimately the preservation of social policy instruments.

He added that the organization develops a complex and innovative supervisory mechanisms that help to ensure that states apply the conventions and protocols they have ratified and allow for all types of problems arising from the implementation of International Labour Standard at the national level to be addressed, in particular, by identifying the difficulties involved and exploring possible solutions.

He said 2021 marks the 60th year of Sierra Leone being a member of the ILO.

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