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LAB resolves dispute over property

March 10, 2017

The Legal Aid Board’s Alternative Dispute Resolution on Tuesday, 7th March, 2017 resolved a long standing dispute in respect of a property situated on Newcastle Street, Kissy, eastern Freetown.

The dispute was between one Mr. Solomon Samba Mansaray and his seventy-seven year old elder sister, Madam Marian Kamara, who was in the country on holiday from the United States of America.

The duo, who had not been on speaking terms, were reconciled and both promised to work together in the interest of peace.

In that regard, Madam Marian Kamara agreed to cancel a U$ 400 debt owed by Mr. Mansaray.

The decade long conflict was resolved after Mr. Mansaray decided to report the matter to the Board in Freetown, when he received information that Madam Marian Kamara was planning to sell the property.

The owner of the property, who is the sister of both parties, had died over a decade ago without leaving a will.

The documents for the property including the conveyance were left with Mr. Mansaray, who he later handed them over to her sister for safekeeping. However, her refusal to return the documents to Mr. Mansaray led to tensions and mistrust between the two.

But, Madam Marian Kamara denied planning to sell the property, saying that she understood the property belongs to the family and that any decision to sell it has to be made by the family.

The ADR got both parties to understand the laws relating to inheritance and got them to agree that the property belongs to the family of the deceased, and that no single member can lay exclusive claim to it.

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