LAB has provided free legal services to over 2 million Sierra Leoneans


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

In a remarkable testament to its mission, the Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Legal Aid Board (LAB) has informed the public that they have extended free legal services to over 2 million impoverished citizens since its inception.

The Executive Director highlighted LAB’s nationwide presence, reaching every district and extending into chiefdoms to ensure access to justice for all.

Speaking at the government’s weekly press conference in Freetown, she detailed LAB’s success rate, with a notable 30% victory in criminal cases and an impressive 70% in civil cases, including appeals.

LAB’s impact goes beyond courtroom victories, as it played a pivotal role in decongesting overcrowded prisons post-war, securing the release of individuals held for over a decade without trial.

The Board’s interventions also encompass vital social issues, such as settling maintenance disputes and resolving land conflicts, particularly in rural areas.

Collaborations with over 300 NGOs further amplify LAB’s reach, ensuring legal representation and justice for the marginalized.

The recognition of LAB’s achievements on an international stage, including an invitation to the United Nations, underscores its transformative role.

At the UN conference, LAB’s success story resonated; inspiring calls for similar legal aid initiatives across Africa.


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