Kroo Bay quarantined homes Ebola free


April 16, 2015 By Samuel Ben Turay

Thousands of Kroo Bay residents were in joyous mood last Sunday after quarantined homes in the slum community came out unscathed from a twenty-one day mandatory quarantine.

The densely populated slum community recorded a new Ebola case last month which caused authorities to quarantine many households in a bid to stem the spread of the virus.

Speaking to Concord Times yesterday, one of those just released from quarantine, Mariama Conteh, said she was elated to have come out of the quarantine Ebola negative following twenty-one days of enforced enclosure.

She said the whole community was relieved because there had been heightened fear that the virus would spread in the slum which lacks water and sanitary facilities, and is home to thousands of inhabitants.

A community elder, Mohamed Kamara, lamented that they were vulnerable to all communicable diseases as a result of deplorable living conditions in the slum, which is patched on the Atlantic coast.