Kroo Bay has recorded 17 Ebola deaths, says CHO


April 28,  2015 By Samuel Ben Turay

Community Health Officer (CHO) at the Kroo Bay health clinic has told Concord Times in an exclusive interview that 17 residents of one of the biggest slums in the country have so far died of Ebola in the community since the start of the outbreak in May last year.

Barba Musa said eight of the 17 recorded cases were women while nine were men and children.

The CHO said the last confirmed case in the densely populated slum community was recorded on 16 March, with the last batch of quarantined households given the all clear a fortnight ago.

“Even though there is no quarantined home at the community for now, Kroo Bay is vulnerable to communicable diseases,” said Musa, adding: “Working at Kroo Bay is highly challenging, more especially when you are not a resident of the community. It takes total sacrifice to work here. It will take you a very long time to cope with the environment.”

The CHO, who has spent three years working in the slum community, said he was not surprised that the Ebola virus has left a devastating blow on the already impoverished and traumatized community because the area lacks proper health prevention aides to stop the spread of the virus, despite the best efforts of the government and humanitarian organizations.

“We are trying but the community is prone to health hazards,” he remarked.