KPC plans to invest in football in Salone

January 13, 2020

KPC and the Guinea Prime Minister  Kassory Fofana at the Hafia FC stadium

The CEO of GUICOPRES, Kerfalla Camara alias KPC  has planned to invest in football in Sierra Leone in the same way he is already investing in other areas in the country.

It was in a telephone conversation with him that he shared his passion for football which led him to become the owner of a legendary club on the African continent such as three-time African champion Hafia FC.

Having already set up his Public Works Construction Company in the country for many as well as in other West African countries, he wants to share his passion with the youth of Sierra Leone and all football fans in investing in football.

“I have already invested in tourism and real estate because I am building in Freetown what will be one of the best hotels in the country and my company has built quality roads in Kabala and Kono while providing employment for the inhabitants of these towns and business opportunities for many small businesses. I want to significantly contribute to the development of the country and that is why I propose to make some roads in pre-financing so that the works can be carried out without disrupting the government program for other sectors.I want to invest in development sport in this beautiful country as I did in Guinea where I built a training center in Dubreka and a 12,000-seat stadium in Conakry in the Nongo district for the Hafia,”and declared that if he had been lucky to buy a soccer team in Sierra Leone, he will make sure that all the facilities can be used by the team, and in the future to reproduce the same thing possibly.

The CEO said he believes Africans would be in the best position to develop the continent and congratulated all African entrepreneurs who are working to develop the continent.

He said the construction of Hafia, the club’s training and competition ground, which will accommodate several thousand spectators and which will have all the amenities,is progressing rapidly.

 At this rate, he estimated that the construction of the infrastructure will be completed as soon as possible, precisely before next April.

“I say without modesty that the training and competition ground of Hafia FC is only a sample, insofar as, after Nongo, many other stadiums worthy of the name will be built in several places of the capital Conakry , which will allow young people to play football without too much risk.”

KPC also claims  that this gem will be a plus for Hafia, as the club will have more training time, although the performance of the team will depend on the quality and system of play of the coach, as well as of the will and commitment of the players.

“Having this infrastructure is essential for the progress of the club, and everything I have done for Hafia will be the same for the club I will buy in Sierra Leone.”

Any club interested in selling and doing business with KPC should contact Austin Thomas of the Awoko newspaper or phone 076 959863 as soon as possible.