KOSA president bemoans status of GSSK


March 1, 2016  By Mohamed Massaquoi

Government Secondary School Kenema (GSSK) is one of the oldest schools in the eastern district town of Kenema.

Over the years, the school has faced many challenges, but the Old Students Association, KOSA, and the school’s administration have been working in tandem to address the challenges.

Poor housing facilities, lack of adequate teaching and learning materials, perimeter fencing of the school are among the many challenges the school continues to grapple with.

While addressing friends and members of KOSA at a fundraising dinner at Leone Lodge in Freetown, President of KOSA, Amara Kanneh, said it was remarkable to bring old students together to discuss development of the school, especially when the school is grappling with a lot of difficulties, adding that the old students and the public should come together and work in the interest of the school.

Kanneh further noted that for the past years the output of students in public examinations has been less than satisfactory, adding that the old students have been trying their best to improve the appalling status of the school.

 “Our reason for coming here tonight is to collectively work together in the interest of our school, as President of the Old Students Association, I urge all of you to come and aid the school. GSSK has produced reputable individuals who are now meaningfully contribution towards the development of society. This is the time we have to pay back as old students.

“I am very proud of all of those old students who have contributed immensely towards the progress of the school. I hope this commitment will continue in the interest of our school,” he said.

KOSA Vice President, Mohamed Ajuba Sheriff, said he was honoured to be part of the fundraising raising. He said the young generation of the school should play a significant role towards rebuilding the school.

“Education is very important towards human development and every effort should be made in supporting GSSK for our children and future generation,” he urged.

The school’s Board Chairman, Ibrahim Sahr Kamara, said when he was served as president of the old students association, he partnered with other old students associations from Magburuka Boys, Bo School and Princes of Wales, adding that the relationship has been very fruitful in achieving their common goals.

“If we cannot pay attention to our schools, we should be held responsible because charity begins at home. Let me extend my thanks and appreciation to one of the old students, Dr. Alie Kabbah, for his contributions to the school. He singlehandedly constructed an outstanding library for the school for which we are very proud of him,” he noted.

Dr Alie Kabbah said for many the school represents a good institution, adding that he left the school in 1975 with a sense of commitment to development and urged the school’s alumni to do same with passion for the benefit of future generation.

“I hope we can try to form the next generation of those who will take after our elders in moving this school forward. Let us hope and pray that many of us live long to improve on the conditions of the school,” he said.