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KOSA celebrates its 70th anniversary with President Bio at the helm of affairs

BY: Mohamed Massaquoi, Information Attache, Permanent Mission of Sierra Leone to the United Nations in New York,USA

Members of the Kenema Old Students’ Association (KOSA) are in high gear to join the administration of the Government Secondary School Kenem, (GSSK) to celebrate the 70th Anniversary over the weekend in the eastern district town of Kenema,

The theme for this year’s celebration is Excellent In-Service Delivery, designed purposefully to suit not only the developmental strives of the school but to also showcase notable development under the leadership of President Julius Maada Bio as Proprietor of the school.   

The school is now 70 years since its inception and a lot has happened both positive and negative along the way but with God and President Maada Bio at the helm of things all things are possible.  

The Government Secondary School Kenema is one of the oldest government schools in the entire eastern region.

 Over the years, the school has produced competent individuals who are now providing quality services across the sectors of society.

The government of President Julius Maada Bio has appointed members of KOSA to responsible positions more than any other government ever in the history of Sierra Leone.

As a full-blooded member of KOSA myself, I want to take this opportunity to thank President Maada Bio for the trust and confidence reposed in us to serve in his government.

 From, the Bank Governor, to the Minister of Finance, and Transport, to the Chief Electoral Commissioner with multiple Directors, and Diplomats. With pedigree have all been endorsed by the President to serve the people of Sierra Leone.

During the recent State Opening of Parliament, President Bio emphasized road infrastructure as one of the major success stories of his government for the past four years, fortunately, the head of the Director-General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority, SLRA, Mr. Amara Kanneh, is the former president of KOSA while the Chief Executive Officer of the Roads Maintenance Fund, Mr. Mohamed Kallon is a former president of KOSA. so why not celebrate Excellent Service Delivery to the nation at 70?.

 KOSA will celebrate its 70th anniversary with the flying colors of green and red symbolizing a cut across the political spectrum of Sierra Leone.

Indeed, it is worth celebrating Excellent and diligent service delivery not only to the people of Kenema where the school is located but to the entire nation of Sierra Leone.

Immediately after his election as National President of KOSA, President Bio appointed Dr. Alie Kabba first as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and later as the Permanent Representative of Sierra Leone to the United Nations and later as the Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt.     

I will definitely miss the KOSA pump and pageantry from China House in Freetown to the Unique entertainment center in Kenema where all KOSA members converged to get their blessing from the vice president of KOSA. Antony Deen, aka JUX

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