Konos should rise above hate and rebuild their battered district


June 1, 2015 By Saa Matthias D. BENDU

Thirteen years after the rebel war, the raw scars of the war are still vividly visible in Kono district, especially the Koidu New Sembehun municipality. Before the outbreak of the war there was absolutely nothing to write home about in Kono district in terms of development. Even after the war, the diamond rich district has constantly been on the last phase of all development activities by successive regimes that have ruled our nation. A lot of factors are responsible for the neglect of the district. But I am going to pay attention to ourselves, the Konos, as in my previous articles and many more to come. The reason is, it is only when we remove the log from our own eyes that we will be able to remove the speck from the eyes of others.

We are our own worst enemies

The truth is they don’t like us, but we are our own worst enemies. They are desperate to undermine unity and affinity among us, but we are aiding and abetting them, as we betray each other to expedite their diabolic plans against us. When I asked in one of my articles quite recently whether the APC ministers from Kono are at war with the democratically elected Vice President, Sahr Samuel Sam-Sumana, I got few calls to explain what I meant. My response was: I mean exactly what I had written about and that time will tell. Well time has speedily proven me right, as the diabolic plans were executed by the APC. The party’s Secretary General, Mr. Osman Foday Yansaneh, in most of his interviews after the expulsion of Sam-Sumana, said that it was the Deputy Minister of Political Affairs, Karamoh Kabba, Diana Konomanyi of the Local Government Ministry and Balogun Koroma, Minister of Transport and Aviation, who formally complained the Hon. Sam-Sumana to the ruling party’s second highest policy making body, NAC (National Advisory Council) with Francis Gbondo, the Kono District APC Chairman as witness, plus Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Russia, John Yambasu, who has had the misfortunate of being in Kono any time the new sheriffs were in town, to humiliate the elected Vice President (as he has always been saying). Well this time around, it is fortunate to be in all their meetings, the deed has been done. The conspirators are all from Kono.

Kono behold your peacemakers and unifiers

Now that their ultimate goal has been achieved, which was to illegally remove the elected Vice President, your son, brother, nephew, our betrayers in their evil genius are now calling for peace and unity in Kono district. They are gripped with fear and panic that their action against Sam-Sumana has awakened the Kono people to the harsh realities of the ruling party’s deceitfulness in both the 2007 and 2012 general elections. Their new strategy for the coming 2017/18 general election is to preach ‘peace’ through those who have betrayed us for their own political survival, and for few appointments to political positions, and with the promise to undertake few fake developmental activities in the district, like the current road work within the Koidu New Sembehun municipality – all to win the bleeding hearts of the Kono people who they have used, humiliated and callously abandoned.

As they execute this fake development, the betrayers and their spin doctors will be trumpeting the Pa’s love for Kono district, his in-laws. Their new refrain is “it was only your son who was the stumbling block, now that he’s been sacked, the Kono people should forget about him and join the Pa, who loves you so much”. What cheap propaganda! That was exactly what was discussed during one of their recent meetings on how to maintain their grip on Kono district so that the district does not fall into the hands of another political party, come 2017/18. I was even shocked to know the two political faggots who have been bragging on some community radio stations of their popularity in Kono district.

The biblical words that a man’s worst enemies are within his own household, God’s words are true forever. Indeed “if ose nor sel u, trit nor go bai u”, as we say in Krio. Those in politics have for long been betraying each other for trivial issues to the detriment of Kono district, and we idly stood by pretending it has nothing to do with us, since we are not politicians. For far too long people have dragged their personal grievances into Kono district development activities, thus aborting the aspirations of the people. They may have tentatively achieved their aim by denying us and generations to come the golden opportunity that could have improved our lots. But to think we will fold our hands again and allow them execute this diabolic and dastardly plan of stinking peace, fake development activities and the so-called unity to be implemented by those betrayers, they should think again. It is certainly another big political miscalculation. Konos’ relationship with APC will never ever be the same again!

Rallying around one political leader at a given period

Konos are known over the years to be rallying around one political leader at a given point in time – Rev. Paul Dumbar of SLPP, PC T.S. M’briwa of APC, Pa Abu A. Koroma of DCP/SLPP, Dr. Sama Mondeh of SLPP, now we have Hon. Sahr Samuel Sam-Sumana. Like all mortals those leaders were not and or are not perfect, but their imperfection did not warrant us to call for evil to befall them or for their unlawful dismissal especially when they were democratically elected.

We should be each brother’s keeper

As they unify to eliminate us from political positions, our strength lies in genuine unity. Because we are aware that those who want to eliminate us by far outnumber us. Knowing we are a minority, our strength lies in unity for our survival as a people. We may have our differences but let us always remember that there is unity in diversity. We may have hurt or wronged each other in our fight for survival but let us resolve and/or settle those differences in a manner that still leaves us bound together in love, respect and unity as our Kono people continue to suffer from rampant arbitrary arrests, and dangerous mining activities within our city by mining companies.

Let us always remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand. In our fight for political survival we should be our brother’s keeper.

I hope somebody is listening!!