Kono & Tonkolili go 42 days without new infection


May 5, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

Chief Executive Officer of the National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) has informed newsmen in Freetown that Kono and Tonkolili districts have clocked 42 days without registering new Ebola positive cases.

Retired Major Alfred Palo Conteh was speaking to journalists yesterday during the weekly NERC press conference at the former Special Court for Sierra Leone building.

He disclosed that seven districts have gone for over 42 days without recording new cases, adding that Moyamba and Koinadugu have completed the first 21 days cycle.

Rtd. Maj. Conteh said reports for five days indicated a concentration of transmission in the Western Area Urban and Kambia district. “We will continue to zero-in on these two areas and will increase our interventions in order to stop transmission and eradicate the virus,” he said.

“The progress we have continued to make in this fight against Ebola and how we are right-sizing our facilities to be able to adequately respond to the few cases still in some communities and also the hazard pay policy has ended on March 31 and a new policy will kick-in for those who will still be working in the few facilities that will remain open,” he stated.

He said on 1 April this year the new risk allowance policy commenced and would cover all emergency response workers who will remain active as the right-sizing process continues until they hit a resilient zero.

“Myself and officials from NERC who have been on media programmes have touched on the new policy to better educate the public, and the new policy is also now available on our website – www.nerc.sl. I am encouraging everyone to visit the website so that they can get a clear understanding of the new policy, and we will continue to educate the public on the new risk allowance policy whenever we are on the media,” the NERC CEO promised.

He thanked all Ebola response workers who will be laid off under the new policy for their selfless service to their country, and encouraged them to be patient as more opportunities would come their way.