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Koinadugu is partly…another Yenga in the making

March 2, 2015  By Sheikh A.Y. Kallay: 076847100

Koinadugu is the largest district in the country and it is the less cared for even though it is the bread basket of Sierra Leone and has produced prominent politicians like S.B. Marah, S.B. Kawusu Conteh, A.B.M. Kamara, Dr. Sheku Sesay and Lunseni Kande in past, and now Dr. Kaifala Marah, A.B.L. Mansaray, Momoh Konteh and many others.

According to what I witnessed, political sycophancy and negligence may turn Koinadugu District to another Yenga in the years to come. Neya, Nyeni, Sulima and Mongo chiefdoms in the Koinadugu District with over 100,000 people are geographically in Sierra Leone but are economically Guineans.

The simple reason is that the above mention chiefdoms are not sharing any common facilities with their Sierra Leonean counterparts even though they pay taxes and other revenues to the Sierra Leone government.

There is no mobile phone service in those areas in the history of Sierra Leone. The only way they communicate with Kabala and other cities in the country is by using Guinean SIM card called Orange with international cost. There is no vehicle running between the district headquarters, Kabala and those chiefdoms unless the special ones for special assignments, all due to the bad road networks.

Motorbikes that patrol between the villages in those areas are all carrying Guinean number plates. All their basic commodities like rice, cattle, gun powder, soap, cooking materials, cloth, school utensils are all bought in Guinea. Purchase of building materials, medicines and emergency medical treatment like major and minor surgeries are all undertaken in Farana Town, all due to the abovementioned predicament.

When I asked the angry youths in Bendugu – the chiefdom headquarters of Mongo – whether their politicians know what they are going through, they confirmed that they know, because the honourable MP Alusine Marah is aware and further confirmed that even the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, knows because they informed him about their situation when he arrived there in 2012 on a campaign tour and he promised them that if they vote for him in his second term election, he is going to solve their problems afterwards.

“But up till now to no avail,” the youth leader said.

I observed this is going to result to something like the YENGA issue in Kailahun District!

This writer visited the areas on the 4th of February 2015.

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