Kingtom inferno victims seek urgent assistance


By Alhaji Haruna Sani

In the wake of a devastating fire that ravaged the residential area of Kingtom, specifically Hennessey Street, on Monday, March 22, 2024, affected residents, including Joseph Koroma, a prominent member of the Edwardian community, are appealing for urgent assistance from fellow Edwardians and philanthropists.

The inferno, which erupted with ferocity, swiftly engulfed the densely populated neighborhood, leaving over 50 houses in ruins. As flames tore through the structures, residents stood by helplessly as their homes, belongings, and cherished memories were reduced to ashes.

For Joseph Koroma and others, the tragedy struck close to home as their residences on Hennessey Street fell victim to the relentless blaze. Now displaced and grappling with profound loss, they find themselves in desperate need of support.

In the aftermath of the disaster, Joseph Koroma and fellow residents are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. With homes destroyed and possessions lost, they are reaching out to the government, NGOs, and individuals for assistance during this difficult time.

Joseph Koroma, along with his fellow Edwardians, extends a heartfelt plea to anyone willing to lend a helping hand. As they embark on the daunting journey of rebuilding their lives, any form of assistance – whether financial, material, or emotional – would be deeply appreciated.

To facilitate support, Joseph Koroma can be contacted directly at 075788444, providing a channel for those looking to offer assistance to a fellow Edwardian in distress.


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