Kings Sierra Leone constructs oxygen house at Connaught


April 7, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

A non-profitable organisation, Kings Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP), is constructing a new larger space unit at Connaught Hospital to house oxygen equipment.

KSLP has provided support to government in the fight against the Ebola outbreak in the country, and the facility is expected to be used to combat the disease and to save lives in future.

The new facility will be used by the health charity to administer Ebola vaccine trial in the country, as there is a need for the availability of oxygen to ensure safety of volunteers for the trial.

According to office manager Umaru Senesie, the current space for the oxygen facility at the Connaught Hospital is too small for the equipment, with risk of over-heating a probable outcome.

He said his organisation has been in charge of the Ebola holding center at the hospital since last year, and that one of their foreign volunteers at the centre, Dominic McEnvoy, is due to return home after serving two months at the facility.

He revealed that McEnvoy helped provide training to local nurses for quality in care and on how to perform HIV screening tests, including pre- and post-testing counseling.

He noted that most of the patients that were admitted at the holding centre suffered from a number of other illnesses apart from the Ebola virus, and that the organisation has also donated equipment to the government during the outbreak.