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King George VI Home appeals for government subvention

… As MoneyGram donates food items

September 19, 2016 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Agents providing MoneyGram service in Sierra Leone Friday donated cooking items to inmates of the King George VI Memorial Home at Grafton, outside Freetown.

Items donated included bags of rice, onions, vegetable oil, palm oil, tomatoes, as well as special gift containing sugar, tea bags and milk for inmates and workers at the home.

During the presentation ceremony, council member of the Sierra Leone Society for Welfare of the Aged, Sandra Johnson appealed to the government to make available subvention to the home.

Ms. Johnson maintained that the home had been abandoned by the authorities for quite a while and that they have not received any subvention from the government for the past three years.

“We’re supposed to receive subvention from the government but it is farfetched. We want to provide more improved services for the thirty-two inmates in the home,” she said.

She thanked agents of MoneyGram for their continuous support to home by providing cooking items for inmates on an annual basis and implored other institutions to emulate their good work.

Deputy Managing Director of Premier Media Consultancy, Desmond Finney, re-echoed statement of concern for the plight the home, which homes and cares for old people, adding that their annual donation was a call to the plight of inmates.

Finney noted it was important that the home continues to receive annual subvention from government because they are providing service to the nation by taking good care of the aged.

He said MoneyGram believes in taking care of the aged, thus they always feel good associating themselves with inmates in the home and providing their own little support towards their welfare.

He also called on other organisations, government and private institutions to provide support to the home.

Representatives from the Sierra Leone Commercial bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Keystone Bank, and Afro International said they felt gratified to interact with inmates and assured their continued support to the home.

They stated that the MoneyGram service was fast, secured and reliable and that one could send or receive money within 10 minutes!

On behalf of the inmates, Vivian Dillsworth, thanked the donors and prayed that God increases their customers and expand their respective institutions from strength-to-strength.

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