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Kid-Afan unveils upcoming movie

By Jeneba A Conteh 

Kid-Afan Films and Media Evangelical Drama Ministry has on May 7, 2022, at the AYV conference hall in Freetown, unveiled a movie project with a Sierra Leonean story hoping to be required by Netflix.

The upcoming movie is titled ‘Scuffle’.

One of the Executives Producers of the movie, John Afam, said audition had commenced since the 7th and ends today, May 13,and that interested actors and actresses who wanted  to be part of the project should send one minute  audition video  to +232 902265.

He said the movie will be on Netflix and will be in the Nigerian industries as well there will be different personalities from Ghana and Nigerian.

He said they were ready to invest in the said movie and that it will bring with it a lot of opportunities for Sierra Leoneans.  

Providing a narrative about the movie, Afam said the move has some political connotation and that they will feature a  vibrant, strong and principled woman,Dr. Keita, an advocate of  justice, determined to put an end to all forms of injustice against the weak and helpless especially women.

He said Dr. Keita steps out into a front reserved for men and fought for a change to become the first female president of the country, bringing forth several strong reasons why she thinks she is a better ruler than the 90 percent men including her husband both in her party, who came out to contest for the seat of the president.

He said people should watch out how the heat of the SCUFFLE unravels hate in love as Dr. Keita fights her husband.

Executive Director of Kid-Afan, Dr Isatu Kakay Diallo said having a look at the Sierra Leonean film industry; she knew a lot of things needed to be done and that there was a visible gender disparity in the movie industry, especially for women.

She said the movie will bring greater hope to Sierra Leone because many people will be empowered and that it will also create job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans.

She said people should open their minds to the movie because was looking forward to greatness.

Daramy A.Kabba said the movie was not only considered as a Sierra Leonean movie but African as well as they wanted to change the mentality of Sierra Leoneans.

He said they wanted to sell out the country and that he believes that particular movie will change things around the industry.

He further that 99% of the people who will be part of the said movie are Sierra Leoneans while foreigners will constitute 1%.

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