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Khadija Saccoh’s murder trial

Accused tells court that:

 -MK Allieu beat and threatened to shoot him

-spent three days in the toilet without food and water

March 19, 2021

By Hassan Gbassy Koroma 

Ibrahim Bah, who was alleged to have sexually abused and conspired to murder 5-year-old Khadija Saccoh, on Wednesday, March 17th,told the court that during the course of investigation, a senior police officer at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters in Freetown, Superintendent Mohamed Kurugba  Alliue, beat and also threatened to shoot him had it not been for the law.

He reiterated that Superintendent Mohammed Kurugba Alliue was very harsh with him during the investigation, adding that at a particular point in time, he instructed a junior police officer to lock him up in the toilet where he spent three days without food and water. 

“My lord, M.K Alliue told me and Alex Nallo that we raped the deceased. He slapped me and took out his pistol and threatened to shoot me dead if it was not for the law. He also instructed one of the police officers called Munu to lock us up in the toilet where we spent three days without food and water,” he said.

He said Mohamed Kurugba Allieu never gave him the chance to explain himself and that he always shouted at him and called him a liar.

He said on Saturday, 20th June,2020, after the post mortem examination on the remains of the deceased, he went home and decided to rest.

He said later some police officers from the Lumley Police Station went to their 25 Spur Road residence and conducted a search. 

He said while on the search process, one of the police officers received a phone call and thereafter arrested him. 

He said he was taken to the Lumley Police Station, where they obtained statement from him and later transferred him to the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters in Freetown.

He told the court that he spent a month in detention at the CID headquarters before he was charged to court together with his mother for the offences of conspiracy and murder. 

“At one night, I was attacked by ulcer and Alex Nallo tried to call for help, but the officers on duty at that time said it was not their business,” he narrated.

 He said the investigating officers later asked him to admit to the allegations with the promise that they will help him solve the issue, but that he declined and maintained his stance of not guilty.

He said at the end of the investigation his fingerprint was taken for test, but later he was told that the result was negative.

He said although Police Officer Munu later told him that the fingerprint proved negative, he told him that police will still charge him to court because many eyes were focused the matter.

Ibrahim Bah, who was alleged to have sexually abused and murdered 5-year-old Khadija Madinatu Saccoh, has on Wednesday, March 17th, denied all the charges brought against him.

He further told the court presided over by Justice John Bosco Allieu that,he never  sexually abused or killed her own sister. 

“I know the deceased in this trial, she was my sister. My lord, I did not rape and killed the deceased and I will never rape and kill my sister,” he reiterated.

He identified the first accused, Mariama Sajor Barrie, as his biological mother, and the deceased as her sister and recalled the date of incident at 25 Spur Road in Freetown. 

He said after the incident, he was arrested and accused of killing her sister, an allegation he consistently denied throughout the four statements he made to the police.

Mariama Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah are currently standing trial on two count charges of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to law.

State prosecutor Joseph Sesay alleges that both accused on Wednesday 17, June 2020 at Spur Road in Freetown conspired with unknown persons and murdered Kadija Madinatu Saccoh.

Trial continues.

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