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Kenema, Bo and Moyamba Chiefs share Ebola experiences

DECEMBER 15, 2014 By Francis Ndanema in Moyamba

Welthungerhilfe, in collaboration with local partner Network Support for Peace Education, last week hosted a two-day experience sharing meeting with Paramount Chiefs from Bo, Kenema and Moyamba districts at the MoDCAR resource centre in Moyamba.

The meeting accorded Paramount Chiefs in the three south-eastern districts an opportunity to share successes and challenges in the fight against Ebola, and to proffer recommendations to help contain and eradicate the deadly virus in their respective districts.

National Coordinator of Welthungerhilfe Emergency Ebola Response, Emurana K. Sowa, said they had realised that Paramount Chiefs in Kenema and some chiefdoms in Moyamba and Bo districts have scored huge successes in efforts to defeat the Ebola outbreak, which they need to share with their counterparts. He encouraged the participants to share experiences and develop strategies to eradicate the virus.

He said his organization had also supplied food to quarantined homes across the country.

Giving an update on the food supply, National Coordinator of Network Support for Peace Education, George Gbenga, disclosed that Welthungerhilfe had provided support to more than 166 households in Moyamba district, adding that more supplies are due to homes being quarantined in the district.

Eastern Region Ebola Response Centre Coordinator, Joseph Bunting Graden, said Kenema district has acquired immense capacity on how to contain Ebola that the virus cannot spread in the district, noting that stakeholders are focused on sustaining gains made recently.

The district has gone for more than 20 days without recording any new case of Ebola.

He urged Paramount Chiefs to stand firm in ensuring that the virus is eradicated, noting that more people have died as a result of the virus than is reported.

The chiefs said they have mounted check points, established hand washing facilities and are involved in sensitizing their subjects.

However, they revealed that they are challenged by lack of support to volunteers manning various checkpoints, less cooperation from sub-chiefs and security personnel deployed in their chiefdoms, especially in the enforcement of by-laws.

The traditional rulers reaffirmed their commitment to overcoming those challenges and actively embarking on contact tracing, sensitization and mounting additional check points, as they had each been given Le28 million by the National Ebola Response Centre.

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