Kambia, Karene residents assure Maada Bio of victory


February 14, 2018 By Mohamed Massaquoi

Maada Bio: on the campaign trail in the north

Some two days ago in Kambia and the newly crafted district of Karene, thousands of residents came out to renounce their support for the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) on the  grounds that the latter has not improved their standard of living.

Residents of the two districts assured Maada Bio and his Campaign Team that they will be voting for the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) overwhelmingly because of what they referred to as ‘diligent leadership’ being displayed by Bio and his SLPP party.

Over the last two weeks, Bio and his high powdered delegation were in the northern region to galvanise support for his presidential ambition in the forthcoming general election.

While speaking on behalf of the township of Kukuna in Kambia district, Pa  Alimamy Kamara said they were persuaded, during the 2012 general elections,  to vote against the SLPP in favour of the ruling APC on the pretext that their lives would be improved by strengthening infrastructure, agriculture, among other things.

He said since the APC took over government close to ten years ago, the district was still struggling for development.

“We are pleased to announce that we have now resolved to support Bio and the SLPP. This is not a politics of sentiment; this is not the time we have to follow the APC without any good reason. This district is still underdeveloped but I am sure with the leadership of Bio we will succeed,” Pa Kamara said.

In Kamakwie, residents expressed displeasure over the bad road network which has disturbed trading activities in the district, adding that they have tried the APC for close to ten years but that much has not been recorded.

“This time we will vote against APC. We have been the vanguard for APC in this district but I want to assure Maada Bio and the SLPP that this is their time,” Joseph Kamara noted.

While addressing the people of Kamakwie, Bio said the APC has neither been a good party for themselves nor the country because they have failed the nation. He said the road to Kamakwie was nothing to write home about although the APC led government had promised infrastructure as a key agenda.

He said no country, no region and no continent has developed without effective and efficient infrastructure facilities, systems and services, adding that the APC government has spent a lot of money on infrastructure with little to show for in Karene district.

He cited poor infrastructure as a critical barrier to accelerating growth and reducing poverty in Sierra Leone.

“Sierra Leone’s infrastructure remains grossly inadequate and very poorly maintained. For example, Sierra Leone is ranked 49th out of 53 African countries within the African Infrastructure Index established by the African Development Bank. The country is severely impacted by the deficits in both the quantity and quality of its critical infrastructure. Investments in infrastructure are important for the development and stability of Sierra Leone.

“I feel sorry for you when I travel from Makeni to here, the roads are not good but with your support I will win this election and I will fix your roads. My government will provide free and quality education for your children. We will provide quality health services and above all, we will put Sierra Leone on the map of development,” he promised.