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May 29, 2019 


Stakeholders in Kambia district have resolved to unite and promote sustaining peace for the development of the district. This decision was unanimously reached by participants which included Paramount Chiefs, youth, women’s representatives, Councilors, Civil Society organizations and community members all over the chiefdoms.

Giving a background of the Peace and Social cohesion project Fambul Tok Emmanuel Mansaray said the aim of the project is to consolidate the gains made during the initial phase of community engagements carried out in selected chiefdoms. He said Fambul Tok in partnership with UNDP through the Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone engaged communities that were marred by post- election issues.

He added that because of the political issues that emerged in Kambia district, it is included in the project to ensure that peace prevails in the entire district. Mr. Mansaray explained through the ‘broken cup’ demonstration the cracks that divide communities and how those cracks would be mended through local solutions for development aspirations.

Highlighting the problems of the district with reference to Samu chiefdom, PC Bai Shebora Yek 2 said there is indiscipline and lawlessness in his chiefdom. He explained that youth have no respect for traditional leaders. PC Yek laments over an issue when he impounded a stolen vehicle and while in his custody, some youth allegedly stormed his residence and removed it. He used the gathering to call on Fambul Tok to work in the district as that will promote sustaining peace

PC Alimamy Lahai expressed appreciation for the timely intervention of Fambul Tok in partnership with Government and UNDP. He said there are lots of issues affecting the district such as loss of revenues due to porous border areas, corruption, lack of transparency and political intolerance. He equally mentioned the poor working relationship between Council and Traditional leaders in collecting taxes and other sources of revenues.

Councilors were accused of not visiting their Wards but in response to that some said they don’t get the required funds to move around.

National Grand Coalition Councilor, Isata Sesay explained how women are discriminated against when it comes to politics. She accused Council that even though there are only three women Councilors no one has been given the opportunity to head any committee.

Ndemoh Bangura of Tonko Limba chiefdom explained her ordeal. She said she was attacked and beaten up during electioneering process. She declared that in the interest of peace and community cohesion she has forgiven all those she had problem with and promised to withdrew casefiles from the Police

Deputy Chairman, Kambia District Council, Mohamed M.Suma called on all sectors to work in the interest of the district. He lamented over the predicament of the district though it collects huge revenue for the Government of Sierra Leone.

He appeals to everyone to promote peace as elections are now over and what people should now think of is development.

Other stakeholders in the security sectors, Sierra Leone Police, Office of National Security, Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces also spoke about how to improve on security around the border areas.

A new committee, Inclusive District Committee(IDC) was formed and its composition consists of Council, CSOs, SLP, ONS, Youth, Women representatives and community members. This committee will facilitate inclusive participation to promote peace, good governance and sustainable development in the district

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