Kambarinba’s Co-accused testifies in court


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Marion Arouni second accused person in the ongoing child abuse trial involving Mohmed Kambarinba  Mansaray, on Tuesday, September 7, narrated in court her side in the alleged child abuse matter.

Mohamed Kambarinba, who was the 2018 presidential candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) and Marion Arouni were in July 2020 arrested and taken into custody for several child abuse charges including sexual penetration of a child.

According to Arouni, the victim in the trial is her niece and she took custody of her since she was 11 years old.

She also told the court that she came to know the first accused, Mohamed Kambarinba Mansaray, during the 2018 election.

She narrated that on a certain date in 2018, she sent the victim to deliver food to her (victim’s) mother, but the victim didn’t return till after 10pm.

 She said she later called the victim’s mother to enquire if they were together, but she replied that they were not.

She said after the victim returned she cautioned her about the risk of staying out late without any communication, adding that the victim later grew offended and decided to return to her biological parents.

She said on the following day the victim’s mother went to her and demanded certain items the first accused, Mansaray, had bought for the victim.

She told the court that, the alleged victim had returned to approach her and complained of experiencing her menstrual circle, adding that she later took the victim to a medical nurse for checkup.

She said after the checkup, the medical nurse told her that the victim was using contraceptive and that that was the reason she was experiencing her menstruation frequently, adding that when she enquired from the victim, she replied that her that it was her biological mother who  provided her contraception. 

“I called her mother immediately and asked her why she did such. The mother of the victim told me that, she did it because she was protecting the victim from early pregnancy,” she said.

However, before the testimony of the second accused, lawyer Momodu Konteh, representing the first accused, informed the court that the first accused didn’t make it to court due to his health challenge.

The matter was adjourned to September 8, 2022.