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Kamarianba to take the witness stand today

June 1, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Kamarianba's alleged sexual abuse of child trial : Sierra Leone Concord  Times
Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has been in prison for almost two years

Sierra Leone’s 2018 presidential candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, who is currently standing trial in the High Court for several offences, including sexual penetration of a child, may take the witness stand today, Tuesday, June 1, to defend himself.

The politician, who contested the 2018 presidential election under the ticket of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) and one Marion Aron were in 2019 charged to court with several offences ranging from conspiracy to sexual penetration of a child.

The accused persons, who have been in custody since they were arrested, were alleged to have conspired with other unknown individuals to commit a felony to with sexual penetration of a child.

The state prosecutor, Umu Sumaray, also alleges that the first accused, Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, on February 14, 2019, at Diamond Lodge Hotel,Koidu Town in Kono District, had sexual intercourse with a minor.

However, after the prosecution closed it case, the defense team led by Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, made a no case submission, but trial judge Samuel O. Taylor ruled against the defense team and ordered them to open their case.

Last week Tuesday, the defense opened its case and led a key witness, Isha Mansaray, who identified herself as a fiancé to the first accused.

 She testified that on the day of the alleged incident the first accused was not in Kono, but in Makeni where they both spent the day and night together.

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