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Kamarianba battles prostate cancer in prison

October 16, 2020
By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Kamarainba in Police Net for Alleged Sexual Penetration - The Calabash  Newspaper Sierra Leone

Lead defense counsel, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai in the ongoing sexual penetration matter involving Mohammed Kamarianba Mansaray, yesterday informed the court that his client is battling prostate cancer and that it might get worse if he is not granted bail to allow him see his doctor for medical treatment.

“My lord the 1st accused is sick and his doctor says he is almost developing a prostate cancer and if not treated it might get worse. And he says the last time he was given expired medicine that further affected his health,” he said.
Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) and former Sierra Leone 2018 presidential candidate, Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, and one Marion Aruni are currently before Justice Samuel Taylor in the High Court for several offences including conspiracy and sexual penetration of a child.
The defense team at the blast adjourned date applied for the first accused to be granted bail due to his current medical status.
The presiding judge Samuel Taylor, had ordered that the state conducts medical examination on the first accused and presents the medical report to the court for determination of the health status of the accused as claimed by the defense team.
Addressing the court on Thursday, 15th October, Lawyer Saffa Abdulai informed the court that since the order was made, doctors have gone to the prison and conducted medical test on the accused, but until now the state has failed to make available the report of the test to the court.
He said the doctors who conducted the test also prescribed drugs for his client, which until now is yet to be provided to him.
He said his client is neither allowed to see his family members nor his Lawyers and that anytime they attempt they are referred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for clearance.

“My lord, my client is being treated differently, even we his lawyers are not allowed to see him without us being referred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for clearance,” he said.
However, Justice Taylor ordered the Director of Prisons to grant the defense lawyers access to their client anytime the need arises
“The court hereby orders the director of prisons to grant access to the legal team of the 1st accused person anytime the need arises.
The court also directs that on the next adjourned date the report of the medical practitioner who examined the accused be made available to the court,” he ordered.
State prosecutor, Umu Sumaray, led in evidence one Detective Sergeant 11322 Mohamed M. Conteh, the Crime Scene Officer at the Tankoro Police Division.
He told the court that his responsibility is to visit and take photograph of the crime scene and prepare them for court proceedings.
He said on 18th July, 2020, he joined investigating officers, the victim in the matter and they visited Diamond Lodge Hotel.

He said on arrival at the hotel, the victim identified a room to them, described the inner looks of the room, adding that he went into the said room and took photograph.

“When we entered the room some of the items described by the victim were seen and I took photograph of those things.”
He said on the 25th of July, 2020, they visited Diamond Lodge Hotel for the second time, and that the victim again described one of the rooms that was used to allegedly penetrate her by the 1st accused.

He further narrated that on the 25th July they also went to John Keli Street, Tankoro, where the victim claimed that she was also allegedly sexually penetrated in an unfinished building belonging to the accused and from outside he took photograph of the house after having denied access into the premises.
Matter adjourned to Wednesday 21st October 2020.

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