Kamaramba Manasaray goes through nomination process


January 22, 2018 By Regina Pratt

ADP flagbearer receiving his nomination certificate from NEC’s chairman

Flagbearer and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray, on Friday January 19, 2018, received his final nomination certificate from the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission, Mohamed N’fa Alie Conteh, at the commission’s headquarters on Tower Hill.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the ceremony, Kamarainba thanked the media for their contribution, stating that he had completed the nomination process together with his running mate for the March 7, 2018 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

“I want to let everybody  know  that we are expecting  a free, fair and credible elections and that I have trust in NEC,”  he said, noting that he chose to go through the process on that day  because  other political parties were not showing up for nomination,” he said.

According to the NEC timetable,Kamarainba was supposed to go for nomination on January 24,2018, but he decided to cut it short.

He noted that being the first to complete nomination process, he would definitely emerge victorious and becomes President of the Republic of Sierra Leone come March 7th, 2018.

On the issue of dual citizenship, he noted that it was not good for someone who has political ambition to take oath of allegiance to other country and subsequently becomes a dual citizen.

“Today is the day that I could be addressed as the Presidential candidate for the ADP as I have completed the process,” he said, stating that change is coming to Sierra Leone and that God willing; “Mohamed Kamaramba will be the next President.”

He informed the press that he was leaving to complete his nomination process in Lunsar for the Parliamentary seat, stating that he would not be contesting in Bombali district against incumbent Hon. I. B. Kargbo.

The ADP Presidential Candidate allayed the fears of his supporters that nothing will stop him from contesting, disclosing that, “I have already awarded symbols to about 60% candidates and I am also paying half of the fees for the 132 candidates as I have put aside Two hundred million to help pay half of the fees for them.