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Kamarainba Denies Having Sex With Alleged Victim

June 3, 2021

Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Mohamed Kamarinba Mansaray

Sierra Leone 2018 Presidential candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray, who is currently standing trial in the High Court for alleged sexual abuse offense, has testified that he did not and will never have sexual intercourse with the alleged victim.

He also told the court presided over by Justice Samuel O. Taylor that he never conspired with the second accused and that he had never met with the alleged for sexual purpose.

Mohamed Kamarianba Mansaray and Marion Aruni are facing numerous sexual abuse charges, including conspiracy, sexual penetration, meeting a child for sexual purpose, among others.

The state alleges that the accused persons on February 14th, 2019, and in March, 2019, at Diamond Lodge Hotel in Kono and in Freetown, conspired and sexually penetrated a 16 –year- old secondary school girl.  

Led in evidence by Lawyer Amadu Koroma, the first accused Mohamed Mansaray  Mansaray, also collaborated the alibi of the first defense witness, Isha Mansaray that, on  February 14th, 2020 he was in Makeni and not in Kono.

He said during the investigation process, he challenged the police that if anybody makes statement to the police or testifies in court that he was seen in Kono on 14th February, 2020, then he is guilty of the offence.

He said as he was testifying nobody confirmed to the police that he was seen in Kono on the alleged date.

He said he further challenged neither the police that if anybody in Kono testified that they have ever seen him privately with the alleged victim then he is guilty of the alleged offences, adding that nobody has either told the police so or the court.

“My Lord, I even asked the police to make a video recording of my interview because the allegations against me are too painful.  I never told the alleged victim that I was going to marry her because it is against my values to promise a marriage to a minor,” he testified.

He said during his statement, he directed the investigating officers to go to Orange and Africell telecommunication companies to investigate his call-log on February 14, so that they will be able to know if he was in Kono or Makeni on the alleged date.

He told the court that those Telecom companies would be able to tell anywhere an individual makes calls from, but that the police did not investigate that information.

“After I told the police to investigate my call log to be able to know where I was on the alleged date, one of the investigating officers by the name of Ibrahim Sahid Sesay approached me in the cell and said he was very impressed that I referred the police to investigate my call-log, but to me they were under instructions to find any evidence against me and charge me to court. He told me they should get rid of any evidence that will exonerate me from being charged to court,” he said.

He said he knew the alleged victim, stating that sometimes in January 2020, he was at his hotel construction site when an old man by the name of Mr. Aroni, husband of the second accused approached and asked that he hired him to work at his construction site.

He said he did not employ the second accused’s husband because he was too old to do hard labour work, but the old man volunteered to be monitoring the site.

He said the next day the old man went to the site, his wife (second accuse) and  the alleged victim.

He said on a date unknown, the second accused approached and pleaded with him to help provide scholarship to the alleged victim, because they heard that he was helping school going children in that part of the country.

He said he gave Le300, 000 to the second accused as a support towards the schooling of the alleged victim, stating that the following day he was passing by when the second accused stopped and introduced him to the biological mother of the alleged victim who thanked him for helping her daughter.

He said on a different date the second accused also introduced him to the biological father of the alleged victim who also thanked him for the support he provided towards their daughter’s education.

Trial continues on Thursday 3rd for the first accused to continue his testimony in defense.

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