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Kamarainba calls for demonstration, condemns hike in pump price

November 21, 2016 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, has called on Sierra Leoneans to stage a demonstration though the ballot box come 2018 to remove what he described as the ‘reckless and ruthless’ government of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

The ADP leader also condemned what he described as police highhandedness in dealing with situations since President Koroma took office in 2007, adding that the force has persistently refused clearance for peaceful demonstrations.

He said a peaceful protest would have been a way to send a strong message to the government and the international community that the people are disgruntled over the policies of the state.

“I have heard citizens and civil society organisations seeking police clearance for a peaceful demonstration. I respect it and that is the way to go. But the real demonstration should take place in February, 2018 when Sierra Leoneans will go to the polls,” he said.

Mr. Mansaray said the unprecedented 60% hike in fuel price, exorbitant electricity and water tariffs and blatant corruption showcase government’s callousness to the citizens.

He said the government was cash strapped because it had failed to prosecute corrupt officials and prudently manage the economy.

He said if Sierra Leoneans had chosen to demonstrate, they would have done it for almost everything in the country. According to him, there was inadequate supply of water, high tax on electricity supply, no jobs, hike in prices of fuel and food stuffs, poor education, no better health facility in the country, while blatant corruption is the hallmark of bad governance.

“I urge my people to come out in their numbers and demonstrate in the ballot box come February, 2018 that they are tired with the APC party, but to demonstrate on the street can’t work because the police cannot give clearance for citizens to express their views as guaranteed in the 1991 constitution,” he stressed.

Mr. Kamarainba, as he is fondly called by his growing followers, and his eighteen month old party have been very active in the politics of the county since they were officially registered by the political parties registration commission.

His party has been a major challenger of the ruling APC in its northern stronghold, making remarkable gains in all the by-elections conducted in that part of the country.


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