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May 17, 2019   

MD/ CEO Ade Adebiyi (centre) standing with other executives of the bank

Executive Director of Fambul Tok International has appealed to stakeholders and community members of Kailahun district to learn how to resolve pertinent issues affecting them than allowing them to disunite communities. He was addressing Paramount Chiefs, Councillors,youth and community members in Daru town, Jawie chiefdom, Kailahun district during a one day District stakeholders dialogue meeting on Wednesday, May 15,2019.

Giving the purpose of the meeting,  John Caulker said The purpose of the intervention is to consolidate the gains made during the initial phase of community engagements of UNDP supported peace and social cohesion activities carried out in selected districts during last quarter of 2018.He said    it was a follow up gathering for the people of Kailahun district to look at how far they have gone in addressing election related issues and how they could all come together in the interest of the district to promote sustaining peace.

He said through the Office of the Vice President of Sierra Leone,with support from UNDP, Fambul Tok worked in selected districts to promote peace and social cohesion after the general elections.

Mr. Caulker said the problems of Kailahun district have to be resolved by indigenes and therefore called on all present to be committed and genuine in working towards peace and development.

“You have all it takes to do whatever you want to bring peace and cohesion in the district and therefore Fambul Tok structure like the Inclusive District Committee is there to walk along you”Mr.Caulker stressed

District Officer Kailahun,William Ngegbai encouraged Paramount chiefs, Councillors and other stakeholders to work together.

 He frowned at the way things are moving in the district, citing examples on the behaviour of youth in the chiefdoms.

He said   “Paramount Chiefs play vital roles towards community cohesion and therefore should be neutral and do not take sides in resolving conflicts. traditional leaders.

Kailahun District Coordinator, Office of National Security, Albert Kamara said  each and every chiefdom should highlight problems affecting it and how those issues should be resolved

During the meeting,several issues ranging from  election violence and other forms of instability were mentioned and suggestion was made on how to resolve those problems

Traditional leaders also promised to work with IDC and other Fambul Tok structures to resolve issues.

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